How to Turn on GPS Option on Lost iPhone or Android Mobile from Computer?

Today mobile lost and theft’s are increasing day by day because most of them losing mobile due to careless and some them memory loss. These two reasons are major reason to losing your favorite mobiles. The mobile companies like Apple, Samsung and Windows are developing advanced feature mobile phones no one helping after mobile lost to find the missed mobile exactly.

When you are installed anti-theft application on your mobile like Mobile Tracker and any other apps you have to enable the option all time. And you always GPS will need to on all time. Most of the mobile phone having the GPS features you can monitor the missed mobile only it GPS is on. If stolen guy OFF means it wont’s work

Now come to the point but if the stolen guy turn off the GPS option, you can able to track or monitor using data based.

track lost mobile using GPS

Data Based Locations Vs GPS

Gps will not work on all time especially if the option is off no one able to track or monitor using gps method. But using Data location we can easily monitor and also follow the lost mobile using some applications like ” Find my iPhone ” and “Lookout “Map.

For iPhone Users:

If WiFi,Gps and Data locations are turned on default on your iPhone, the best application to find the missed iPhone that’s own Apple product named as Find my iPhone it keep connection with iCloud in iOS. Note: You always need to activated on your iPhone and also it will be workout only for that option enabled iPhone’s only.

Now log on your iCloud and you can able to monitor your device where it was on your device map. If the location services is off you not able to see on the device map. Now you want to send message to your iPhone now.

Now need another one app named as LookOut it can find the mobile using either GPS or data location.

track lost mobile

For Android Users:

For Android users can monitor you lost Android mobile from Android Device Manager it deals with device and its location on map. In Android have some special option you can able to enable turn on GPS sending message to your lost phone. First you have to install the app Where’s My Droid using this app just send this format message as “WMD GPS” to lost mobile from any other mobile. Now your GPS will be automatically turn on. Now use the seek my android or Lookout app to monitor your mobile on accurately.

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