Blogging: Why How You Write Is More Important Than What You Write

Whenever you see a collection of questions about blogging or content in general, it will have more than a few about topics. Everyone wants to know the best niches to write for, whether to go with trending or evergreen, the right combination of controversial versus non-controversial, ect. Even the minute details become subjects of conversation in and of themselves.

All of this is a part of blogging, of course. You want to know the best types of topics to cover within your industry. But I have always been of the opinion that what you write is a lot less important than how you write.

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In the same way that quality is more crucial than quantity, so is the focus of how you write on a topic versus what that topic may be (While creativity cannot be applied to all situations, it’s a must in writing!). article writter

Why How You Write Matters

Let’s say you have chosen to write about a current event that is catching a lot of attention around the world. It is trending heavily on Social Media and in search results, and the buzz is sure to bring you at least a small boost in traffic.

Now let’s say you rush through that post. The sources you are getting your info from are usually pretty reliable, so you don’t bother to vet the details before you publish. So when you start to get comments from Readers who are outraged that you got some details wrong, you end up in a frantic frenzy to make changes and retractions.

The problem here is that you didn’t bother to consider how you were writing the piece. You grabbed whatever info was available from whatever reliable sources you could find, and published with the intent of being one of the first blogs out there to cover it. But the news sources were doing the same; online culture has impacted the way some journalists work, just as it has blogs.

Making A Boring Topic Pop

One of the most important lessons a blogger can learn is how to make a boring subject seem interesting, or even entertaining. Adding a friendly tone can improve the piece, but there has to be more to it than that. You have to write with the intent of keeping the reader’s attention.

Start by breaking it down into easy-to-skim sections. This means headers, small paragraphs, bullet points and lists are going to be your best friends. They will let the reader move through it quickly, and possibly find what they were looking for.

Next, settle on your “voice”. Not all writing lends itself to a friendly tone. But unless you are creating a technical article that is meant to sound dry, you should try and remain as warm and inviting as possible. Make puns, crack jokes, give examples, or just be conversational.

If you spend more time concerned with how you write than what you write, you will find your results much more positive.

Have some tips on how to craft engaging, well written content that will bring readers back again and again? Let us know in the comments.

By Jessy Troy

Jessy Troy is the creativity writer and stay-at-home mom. She has been home-schooling her daughter which allowed her to stay lonegr at home and focus on creativity.

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