iCloud: How to Fix BrowsTer Issues in iCloud.com

I am new to iCloud.com, when I first time used iCloud.com I faced many issues like “web page not loading, Unsupported Browser on icloud.com and much more, but lately I troubleshoot these error very easily, if you have these issue on iCloud.com just keep reading.

How to Fix Browser Issues in iCloud.com

When you are using old version browser some times you seems these kind issues like Firefox says Unsupported Browser on iCloud, your browser not supporting with iCloud.com, you have to upgrade to latest version otherwise you have to make changes  on your browser.

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First of all you need to enable Javascript and Cookies on your browser to access iCloud.com, either is not properly enabled cookies and javascript definitely iCloud page doesn’t load, so you have to double check if enabled or not. And another important option is Cache, you have to delete all cache before you open iCloud.com on your browser.

When ever you using Firefox lower version like 7.0 for iCloud.com on both Windows and Mac Operation system, you will get “your browser is not supported” error message. And iCloud.com supports only Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer latest version.

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Now see how to fix Unsupported Browser issue on iCloud.com.

First go to Installed Browser Files in your local computer, for example: you want to change Config part of file in your browser from 3.5.2 to latest version for eg: 25.0.1 then give save changes. Now your issue is solved.

If you still getting errors on your icloud just contact me using below comment form I will reply as soon as possible.

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