How to Install Multiple OS in Any Android Smartphones

Today’s worlds everyone needs mobile phone for sharing information with some others, peoples most of them addicted to latest mobile phones mainly for entertainment and using internet. Latest mobile phone has many features and it support multiple applications. Latest smart phone features absorbs laptop and computer users, computer users are now started migrating into to buy smartphones and tablets. Peoples always like to use comfortable gadgets like smartphones but laptops and desktops computers are not a possible to carry with travel.

Android mobile phone has most important features is simply how much easy to customize developed into. The android could be taken both as an positive aspects or as a negative aspect it is the most popular platform no one dis agree this one ,people will accept this point.

If you are willing to install multiple operating systems in your android smartphones. Some android experts like me told can able to install 5 os in one android mobile phone. These tricks will be work only rooted android mobile phones only, concept of this trick you can access many operating system alternatively in single mobile you can install maximum five ROM’s it is your choice how many operating systems you like to install. You are able Install Multiple OS in you android mobile.

You no need to flash your mobile phones every time to create new ROM, you can able to create new ROM up to 5 ROM’s in your phone and you can access files from SD card. Installing a number of ROMs from which to select is excellent, however now need to flashing or moreover to re-flashing the new ROMs again and again.  If you would like to try install but you never choose to fully flash your present or primary ROM now BootManager will allow you to flash it up to 4 new ROM’S to your SD memory card due to this technique you can attempt multiple ROMs at once and each ROM one OS can Install so you can Install Multiple OS in you android mobile.

The ROMs you are accessing from your SD memory card it takes some time so may not be very faster as and you need not each and every ROM available will work. Whenever doing this you would not be fully flash your mobile phone.

 How to Root Android Mobiles with SuperOneClick and Universal Androot

If your phone has been already rooted means no problem if your gadgets are not rooted still now start root with some genuine rooting applications like SuperOneClick snd Universal Androot  let us see how to root.

1. First you want to download rooting software’s from android market like Z4 rooting software which is the best rooting apps for android mobiles.

2. Download Z4 rooting application into your SD memory card. It will be like .apk format.

3. Mostly android experts are using Easy Installer apps for installing new applications; you also use this Easy Installer.

4. After installed Z4 you can see in center button “Root” then you want to press that button and wait some time to process rooting program. After finished your phone will be restart automatically. Congress now you’re mobile successfully rooted.

 Install New ROM on your Android Smartphone

android boot manager apps

Before installing new ROM first backup your primary ROM that is already you using ROM because sometimes it will goes wrong you can restore backup easily.

To installing new ROM is simple process using Boot Manager Application you can install new ROM’s, Boot Manager  are multi booter application using this application you can ale to install 4 new ROM’s to your SD memory card. Now in your android mobile totally 5 ROM’s available.

When you are going to install new ROM you want select three boxes as per image above 1. Wipe System 2. Wipe Data 3. Wipe Cache. Your all new Rom’s are saved in to your SD card.

How to Switch Between 5 New Rom’s in Android

After installed 5 ROM’s in your mind definitely arise question how to go new ROM’s Just go to Boot Manager application there shows options which ROM’s to select and settings.

Android boot manager settings

Warning: Try it your own risk, we are not recommended.

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20 Comments to How to Install Multiple OS in Any Android Smartphones

  1. Milee Cyrus

    Accidently I deleted my Android Mobile Stock Rom if have any chance to get back deleted ROM to restore

    • Muhammad Nasir

      Android Mobile have a backup os in ti memory you press power button with volume + or both it’s open directory you can choose your option
      any question so reply me

  2. I tried to install multiple os on my android mobile but I am facing some error like “hanging”.

    • Ali

      Where we get original Rom for Android smartphones

      • Bakhtier Fahim

        You can get the original stock rom for your android smartphone from xda ( ) developers website.Search there by mentioning your smartphones model number and look if available.You can also google it.But having a backup of your stock rom is the most ideal work.Because sometimes it is rare to get specific smartphones stock rom,especially for symphony smartphones.

    • chirag lanjewar

      Your RAM and the external space are also big factor for your hanging problems..
      Or it may misbehave or warm your phone .

  3. I Accidently Reboot my Sony Xperia,The Reboot need OS but i still reboot it.Untill now i dont know how to switch on ,when i try to switch on it stuck .Can you help me???

    • Pd

      Download any compatible rom from trusted site , put it in your sd card by connecting it to pc and then flash it

  4. Abhi

    I deleted my nokia x pre-installed operaring system so how can I recover or boot my nokia x again {first android smartphone}

  5. Nandhakumar.T

    How to remove a already installed KitKat OS……………??????

  6. akash

    Its nice to using 5 os in one android. I am also tried some thing like this,but unfortunetly. my android device(unite 2 ) crashed. Its not start up. no hard reset worked in it. means volume key + power key combination not working for booting.
    Is there any way to install os in a fresh or crashed mobile device like this one

    • satti

      Mobile concet to PC and install the flashfile

  7. Muralidhar singh

    Can I install android lollipop and another OS like windows or apple in my smartphone. If possible, please let me know.

  8. Rahul

    how to use 4g sim in 3g(micromax Q338) android 5.1

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