JetBlue Airways Customer Service and Support Phone Number, Email

JetBlue is one of famous Airline Company in America and it was low cost airline in United States of America, and JetBlue headquarter was located in Long Island City neighbor to New York. The JetBlue Airways was first first founded in the yeas of 1998 by David Barger, David Neeleman. JetBlue’s customer service popularity tendencies in the direction of the extreme conditions, one is  good with friendly flight attendants, superior on board comforts, large legroom and a number of other customer-friendly tactics. And another one is some worst services the customer treated as bad on boarding it is rare customer experience which was collected who is faced problem during boarding. But Jetblue airways mostly have many features and it is one of the largest destinations airline totally 92 destinations are their.

JetBlue Airline company offers many features to their customers and passengers the features like ticket reservation, booking, baggage, good customer support and more. In this article I listed very essential and emergency JetBlue Airways customer care phone number.

jetblue airways

JetBlue Airways US Customer Service & Reservations Phone Number: 1-800-538-2583 (1-800-JETBLUE).

Above mentioned number was JetBlue Airways customer service and ticket reservation phone number, using this number you can able to get assistance and information anything related to JetBlue Airways company. Whenever you make a call to this number and when your call was connected the automated system will responses initially as, Welcome to JetBlue Airways and this call is being recorded for quality assurance or training purposes.

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  • If you are looking information related for arrival or departure status for a flight today, just press 1.
  • After you pressed number 1 and then system says, welcome to JetBlue Airways voice Activated flight status.
  • And then if you have the flight ticket number here you may provide it asks you to know your JetBlue flight number you can say it now.
  • If you need information for reservations or general information including True Blue just press 2.
  • If you need any assistance for to book or inquire about a getaway package, just press 3.
  • If you like to repeat these options, please press the pound key.
  • And then the JetBlue Airways representative will assist you as soon as, welcome to JetBlue Airways.

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JetBlue International Customer Service & Reservations numbers

  • for Aruba: 297-588-5388
  • for Bahamas: 1-800-538-2583
  • for Barbados: 1-877-596-2413
  • for Bermuda: 1-800-884-9616
  • for Colombia: 01800-9-156761
  • for Costa Rica: 0800-012-1666
  • for Dominican Republic: 809-200-9898
  • for Germany: 0800-6648288
  • for Grand Cayman: 1-855-710-2951
  • for Haiti: 2229-2583
  • for Ireland: 1-800-657427
  • for Jamaica: 1-800-963-3014
  • for Mexico: 001-800-861-3372
  • for Peru: 0800-51061
  • for Saint Lucia: 1-877-766-9614
  • for St. Maarten: 001-877-306-4939
  • for Trinidad & Tobago: 1-800-538-2583
  • Turks & Caicos: 1-877-390-544

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JetBlue International Customer Service & Reservations Phone number :  1-801-449-2525 ( All other countries (toll call)

27-01 Queens Plaza North
Long Island, NY 11101
PO Box 17435
Salt Lake City, UT 84117-0435
(801) 365-2470

Manager of Jetblue
Laurie Meacham
Manager, customer committment
27-01 Queens Plaza North
Long Island, NY 11101
(801) 449-2097

CEO of Jetblue
Robin Hayes
27-01 Queens Plaza North
Long Island, NY 11101
(718) 286-7900

Director of Jetblue
Danny Cox
Director, Customer Support
(801) 449-2935

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3 Comments to JetBlue Airways Customer Service and Support Phone Number, Email

  1. Claudia Mariano

    Thank you to Jet blue customer service rep Violet @ 1800jetblue who went above n beyond to help me last Friday evening Oct. 2nd. There was a miscommunication with the date of our flight back home to JFK from Las Vegas.
    She was able to help rectify the situation. Excellent customer service skills!,
    Kudos to Jet Blue Claudia Mariano

  2. Fernando A De Jesus

    I’d like you to let me know if my wife and me are required to pay any fee for carry – on luggage. My confirmation number is L535MI and our departure is due on December 21 @ 2:55PM. We don’t have any seat numbers yet. I’m physically impaired . I paid our fares to Spirit Airlines.

  3. Sandy Benjamin-Wilson

    Last night on June 7th 2016 I attempted to book two round trips from POS to FLL and I when I entered my address it kept coming up as invalid. The page has expired and this morning the flights have gone up and I unable to contact customer service.

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