Passbook Cards: How to Refresh, Delete and Disable Lock Screen in iPhone

Use Passbook app you can able to maintain to keep your boarding passes, movie tickets, coupons, loyalty cards, and more in one place. Using passbook app you can get these features in ios devices Use Apple Pay, Add passes, Mail or Messages, Web browsers, Barcodes, Messages, Email, and Airdrop,Use iTunes Pass.

How to Delete a Card from Passbook in iPhone

Even though Passbook is a wonderful method to cope with loyalty, payment cards,in-app invoicing, Passbook coupons, card scanning and more. It could possibly commence for getting muddled before too long. That’s why it’s a good option to clear it out every now and then. Most likely you may have loyalty cards you don’t ever in fact use, or you may have swapped out one card with an all new one. No matter exactly what the reason, deleting cards from Passbook is in the same way easy as including them in the first place.

passbook cards delete

  1. First of all you need to install Passbook application on your device.
  2. And then you need to launch the Passbook app on your Apple iPhone.
  3. After you launching the Passbook app and then select the card you want to delete.
  4. And then look bottom right side and click on the info button.
  5. Now you can see the delete button on upper left hand corner and click to delete.
  6. If you clicked on the Delete button a popup menu would be open.

If you once deleted the passbook cards in your iPhone it will no longer displays in your app.

How to Refresh Passbook Cards on iPhone

In this tutorial I help you how to refresh Passbook cards in your iPhone, If you managing many cards in passbook and using this trick you can selectively refresh the cards in passbook from your iPhone. It seems accurate and last update time and date. In your passbook application some cards are automatically refreshing it’s own but not all.

How to manually refresh a Passbook card on your iPhone:

passbook cards refresh

  • First of take your iPhone and Install the Passbook App if already installed in your device.
  • Just launch the Passbook app on your iPhone.
  • And now you can see what are the card you using and select the card you would like to refresh.
  • And then you need to click the info button it locates bottom right hand corner of the app.
  • Now you need to pull down from the top of the card and release in order to refresh.

After you refreshed the card manually now your card was up to date and it presents most recent information. If you are troubling to make refresh or delete or remove cards in passbook, make a signout the passbook app and again signin and then now try. The passbook errors would be solved automatically.

How to Disable Lock Screen Notifications for Specific Passbook Cards

Really auto lock screen is one of the security features in Passbook app, if you would need to disable for some frequent uses, so the lock screen you can swipe up easily on passbook for lock screen. In default app there is no passcode is required so some of then like to disable Lock screen notifications for specific Passbook cards.

Disable Lock Screen Access for Specific Passbook Cards:

passbook disable lock screen

  • First of take your iPhone and Install the Passbook App if already installed in your device.
  • Just launch the Passbook app on your iPhone.
  • And then you need to find the pass that you just would like to disable Lock screen alerts for and click it to select it.
  • After then click the the Info button which was located in lower right corner of the passbook app.
  • And then you can turn Off the option for Show on Lock screen.

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