How to Restore Deleted Feedburner RSS Feed URL

Most of website owners are using feedburner Rss feed for the purpose of manage own website feed url, which was good system to monitor the subscribers and option for to subscribe .Recently I created Feedburner feed url to my own website named has MyTechTipsTricks totally 100 subscribers  subscribed my website updates via Rss feed. Today I am unfortunately deleted my rss feed url  in feedburner after I tried to restore my old rss feed url. But starting I am feel hard to restore finally successfully restored with successful steps I given below.

After deleted your feed url then when your are trying to restore that deleted name, these kind of error notice will be display “Received HTTP error: “Feed not found error: FeedBurner cannot locate this feed URI.” while fetching source feed.”

restore feedburner name

Now follow below steps to restore Deleted Feedburner RSS Feed URL

Step 1

Enter your website or deleted feed address in given option.

restore feedburner rss

Step 2

Below there will be display your old feed url nothing to worry just rename your feed url after create new feed url you can rename into old feed name. For example => => .

restore feedburner feed

Step 3

After you create that new feed url the half of the steps was completed then you want to do one more steps to complete fully.And enter your feed title and address give box.

Then click next option you are now successfully restored old feed name in feedburner. After there will be display welcome message for new feed.But in this method you can’t get your old subscribers on your blog you want to add first itself ,if you have any idea to restore your old subscribers tell via comment.

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  1. Its not working, it is saying “”he uri “feedname” is already taken. Please choose another.”

    Please help me to recover back,

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