How to Run/Install Android Apps on Computer Using YouWave

There are many ways to install Android apps on computer, in my previous post I wrote about using bluestacks app player install Android apps on computer. Using YouWave you can also install Android applications on your computer, and now we are going to discuss about YouWave Emulator and how to install Android Apps on computer Using YouWave, which is premium application there having 10 days trial you can use in trial periods if you’re satisfied you can buy it, there are two plans are available.

YouWave – Home Edition

YouWave – Basic Edition

When I compared both editions didn’t find any big difference , in Home edition given key features options rather than all features are same.

Install Multiple Android Apps on PC Using YouWave:


YouWave is not free software like Bluestacks but you may use free 10 trial days and Downloadhere what edition you need. After downloaded the YouWave then install it in your computer as per installing other software.


Run application YouWave which installed in your computer. And select View -> Online Contentit shows  top of the window.


Install WhatsApp on PC Using Youwave:

After select Online Content you can seem some Online Applications Stores like Google Play and 1Mobile .Just select Google Play and search like WhatsApp application, then importthe selected WhatsApp application.

Now go to View -> Apps there will be shown your imported WhatsApp application then give double-click to install. After installed WhatsApp application you can use that application from your computer.

Now go to View -> Apps there will be shown your imported WhatsApp application then give double-click to install.

After installed WhatsApp application you can use that application from your computer.


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  1. Hi! Thank you very much for this tutorial. It helped me a lot. I have a question though. I have installed android 4.4 on a partition that has 50GB of free storage, expecting to take advantage of that huge space. But when I checked the Storage settings on Android, it shows me only 1GB of storage available for usage. Is it possible to extend its storage to upto 50GB (more or less)? Thanks in advance for your reply. Cheers!

  2. seythra

    hi i installed you wave in pc and i have wifi to connect the mobile network to youwave android ??

  3. Nicole

    When i try to run apps I get an error message saying the app is not responding and it closes

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