Samsung Galaxy S5- The Flagship War Continues to New Samsung Mobiles

Things are always hot in the market when Samsung is about to launch a new mobile. The reasons are very obvious, other manufactures are scared of what bombshell they might drop and the customers are always looking for something new. Then there are some more people who keep wishing that they improve the design and use some better material rather than put in some more stuff in a plastic box. The Galaxy S5 was showcased at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year.

Like the people we were talking about, we were also expecting some design and material changes in this new Samsung mobile. And they didn’t take care of our wishes. They did add some new features though. Features like a better camera, heart rate monitor and a fingerprint scanner. But they have really disappointed in terms of design and built quality. Let’s take a look at what this mobile is like. samsung galaxy s4

New Samsung Mobiles Design

They have gone for the typical Samsung family design. Take an old mobile design sheet, draw some new stuff on it if you want to, go to the copier, scale it up a bit and here is the design for your new mobile. They really should see the HTC One if they need a reference to start with a new design. Apparently this is how Samsung designs its mobiles because we find it really hard to differentiate between them. It has been made out of plastic just like Galaxy S3, S2, Note 2, Note or any other Samsung mobile you can think of. The design is similar to the S4 but it is less rounded on the corners. The mobile dimensions have increased considerably despite just a 0.1 inch increase in display size.

It is a bit different from other Samsung mobiles on the back. It is soft and rubberized with a faint pattern. It helps a bit with the grip though it is still hard to handle such a big mobile. It is available in multiple colors that include black, blue, white and bronze. It will get scratched easily but thankfully it is removable and you can get a replacement once you scratch this one. We like Samsung for giving us removable back panels as you can easily replace your battery when it has aged and you can also carry around a spare battery when you travel.

They have made this mobile waterproof but with a removable back panel, this claim scares us a bit. The back panel is quite big and if you fail to put it back properly before jumping in your tub, you might end up with a dead mobile.

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New Samsung Mobiles Display

It was rumored that this mobile will have a display with resolution higher than 1920 x 1080. Well they haven’t done anything like that and it has a 5.1 inch display with a 1080p resolution. We have absolutely no complaints here as the pixel density is still a stratospheric 432 pixels per inch. Putting a display with even higher resolution would draw even more power without any considerable visible improvement. The display is an AMOLED panel which would give you excellent contrast ratios and very well saturated colours. You can’t pick any flaws in the display of this mobile and you would absolutely fall in love with it. It feels slightly better than the display on galaxy S4 as the brightness is a bit on higher side.

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New Samsung Mobiles Hardware

It is powered by an insanely powerful Snapdragon 801 chipset. It is more or less the same as Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 but with support for higher clock speeds. While the snapdragon 800 allows for clock speeds up to 2.26 GHz, this one runs at a maximum clock speed of 2.5 GHz. The graphics are handled by an Adreno 330 GPU. It has got 2 GB of RAM and comes with 16 and 32 GB of storage options. There is also an option to add a micro SD card up to 128 GB which would be more than plenty for anyone. samsung galaxy s4

It has got all the connectivity options that you would expect on a flagship mobile. Apart from the usual bits, it has got USB 3.0 for high-speed transfers. It has got a heart rate sensor which would provide information to various fitness apps. There is a fingerprint sensor as well which is incorporated with the home key. Though the operation isn’t as smooth as an iPhone 5s which is a let-down.

New Samsung Mobiles Camera

They have put a 16 megapixel primary camera on this mobile. The camera is way better than what we have seen on previous Samsung mobiles. They have worked hard on the camera of this mobile and it does reflect in the pictures. The images are excellent in well-lit conditions and the colors are replicated well. It has phase detection autofocus and it can get a focus insanely quick. It can record videos in 2160p at 30 fps but the real joy is recording 1080p videos at 60 fps. samsung galaxy s4

New Samsung Mobiles Software

The mobile runs android 4.4.2 Kit Kat and it has been customized with the touchwiz treatment as expected. The TouchWiz has been refreshed and there are a lot of changes to be seen here. They have added my magazine which can be accessed by swiping beyond the first home screen. Even after the changes, the interface would be very familiar to people who are using Samsung mobiles. There are some new settings and they have also changed the way settings are arranged. The capacitive key on the left of home key is now recent apps instead of menu. It might take a while if you are coming from a mobile with on screen keys.


They have made some nice additions to the mobile like the fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor. They have also refreshed the TouchWiz UI and it is much better now. But we don’t think that it is really worth an upgrade from Galaxy S4 or any equivalent mobile. If you are using an older mobile then you can go for this but if that isn’t the case wait for a while or look around for better options.

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