Spirit Airlines Customer Service and Support 1-800 Toll-Free Phone Number

According to Spirit Airlines getting many complaints posting who are traveling today. And other side ultimate regular and frequent travelers saying “ultra super low cost” company, Really it has a pleasure to appriciate for customer service issues to consider that air vacationers take for action for who called customer call center. Spirit would seem to generally be getting customer support queries a very little bit but we’re consider more more very seriously.

Spirit Airlines was founded in the year of 1980 and Spirit Airlines is a ultra low cost flight carrier in America and it’s headquartered in Miramar and Florida. Spirit Airlines is international flight services and at present more than 40+ destination in the world. Spirit Airlines offers many useful services to their passengers and customer, the services like reservation, check flight status, booking, bagging services and more.

Spirit customer asking how do i contact spirit airlines so In this article I listed essential and emergency phone number for Spirit Airlines. And also Spirit Airlines customer service number, contact phone number and toll free number.

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spirit airlines


Customer Care Phone Contacts

  • Customer Service: (954) 447-7965
  • Toll Free: (800) 772-7117

Spirit Airlines Reservations Phone Number: 801-401-2222

This is the Spirit Airlines customer service phone number and also you can able to use reservation purpose also, if you like to reserve Spirit Airlines flight just make a call to above mentioned number.

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  • Whenever your call was attend first of all the Spirit Airlines auto response system will responses you as, welcome to Spirit. For English, please press 1. Here you need to choose language which one is suitable to you.
  • Spirit Airlines is really very big airlines so it says Our low fares are resulting in very high call volumes. Please visit spirit.com, which is the fastest way to obtain flight status or answers to your questions about our policies. Our promotion on $9 fare club sales are also only available at spirit.com.
  • If you are looking information or if you are calling about a hotel, car or vacation package through spirit.com, please call 954-698-0125. Again, that number is 954-698-0125. All calls may be monitored or recorded for quality and training purposes. And then spirit airlines customer service agents would speak with you.
  • If you need information anything related to lower fares are generally available at spirit.com or airport locations. Fares are not guaranteed until purchased. Bookings made through our reservation centers may be subject to a ticketing fee and are non transferable. Reservations are non refundable except those made seven days or more prior to travel and provided a refund request is made within 24 hours of initial reservations.
  • If you are Spirit Airlines passenger and if you like to check on arrivals or departures, just press 1.And then the system will says as thank you for calling spirit airlines flight information line. Here you need to choose the below options.
  • If you would like to get information for know the flight number just press 1.
  • If you need or looking for departure information, just press 1. And then for arrival information, just press 2.
  • And if you know the airport code just press 2.
  • If you need information to know your arrival or departure city, just press 3.
  • Or you need information or to know how to reserve just note the options: To book a new reservation, just press 2.
  • If you need information to change an existing reservation, just press 3.
  • Or you looking information for redeem miles for free spirit award travel, just press 4.
  • Or you are looking information or if you are calling about your free spirit account or $9 fare club membership, you can manage it instantly by logging in at spirit.com.
  • If you are looking information for all other free spirit or $9 fare club increase, just press 5.
    If your query was not in above option and if you are looking for all other inquiries, just press 6.

Spirit Airlines Customer Service / Reservations Espanol: 801-401-2222

For Espanol language customer and if you like to reserve the ticket means use the above number for reservation purpose.

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Spirit Airlines Customer Service / Reservations Canada: 801-401-2222

Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number for Dominican Republic: 877-906-9026

  • Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number for Jamaica: 1-877-211-1546
  • Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number for Puerto Rico (English): 801-401-2222
  • Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number for Puerto Rico (Español): 801-401-2222
  • Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number for US Virgin Islands (English): 801-401-2222
  • Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number for US Virgin Islands (Español): 801-401-2222
  • Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number for Costa Rica: 2441-6522 or 0-800-011-1103
  • Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number for Mexico: 001-877-203-0891
  • Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number for Panama: 001-877-233-5370
  • Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number for Colombia: 018000-939-939
    • Armenia: 576-7497244
    • Barranquilla: 575-3616061
    • Bogota: 571-4930910
    • Cartagena: 575-6663640
    • Medellin: 574-2505152

Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number for Special Assistance:
• 1-800-955-8771 (TTY)
• 1-877-955-1339 (ASCII)
• 1-877-955-8773 (TTY Español)
• 1-800-955-8770 (Voice)
• 1-877-955-8260 (VCO-Direct)

Spirit Airlines Vacations Customer Service Number: 954-698-0125.

Above mentioned number is Spirit Airlines Vacations services phone number you can get information for Spirit Airlines Vacations. But this number will works only hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am-9:00pm, Saturday – Sunday 9:00am-5:00pm EST

source: http://spirit.zendesk.com/entries/21367928-how-can-i-contact-spirit-airlines

Spirit Airlines Group Travel Desk Phone Number: 877-663-4841.

Above mentioned number is Spirit Airlines Group Travel services phone number you can get information for Spirit Airlines Group Travel. But this number will works only hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 6:00 pm, Eastern Time. Or  The only way to get a Group quote is by going to the website and filling out the Group Travel Form.

Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number for Caribbean

  • Jamaica: 8772111546
  • Santiago, Dominican Republic: 8499370808
  • Santiago Domingo, Dominican Republic: 8299465957

Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number for Mexico: 0018558820464

Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number for Central America:

  • Costa Rica: 50640001887
  • El Salvador: 50321130326
  • Guatemala: 50222036037 or 50222036038
  • Panama: 5078367701
  • Honduras:
    • San Pedro Sula: 50425569457
    • Tegucigalpa: 22059426
  • Nicaragua: 50522781149

Spirit Airlines Customer Service Number for South America:

  • Peru: 5116419131
  • Colombia: 0180000939939
  • Barranquilla: 5753616061
  • Bogota: 6365334 or 6917013
  • Cartagena: 5756663640
  • Medellin: 5742505152

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23 Comments to Spirit Airlines Customer Service and Support 1-800 Toll-Free Phone Number

  1. Hiroyoshi Takamatsu


    I have cancelled my menbership in 2013 when I returned New Zealand. However, I found that I have still been chanrged from my credit card until now.

    Could you stop to charge and return me the menbership fee as the folowing amount please?

    3108 19 May 2015 SPIRIT AIRLI4870112692105 MIRAMAR, FL
    69.95 US DOLLAR
    at a Conversion Rate* of 0.7277 (NZ$96.12)


    Hiroyoshi Takamatsu

  2. Kim

    The special assistance numbers that are provided at the top for hearing impaired are not got spirit airlines it is for the state of Florida…

  3. Bogdan Chrustek

    Hello, my name is Bogdan Chrustek and I come from Poland. I am person
    who is really interested in aircrafts and airlines industry. I am freak
    of flying and in free time I enjoy reading about aviation in Internet. I
    must admit, that Spirit airlines has interesting web-page and I really like be up
    to date with it. Moreover I collect items connected with this area, such
    as safety cards, posters.merchandising and postcards. As I know that removing
    safety cards from airplanes is strictly forbidden I would like kindly
    ask you about possibility obtaining gifts from your company. I will be
    really excited if you decide to send me some materials.

    Thanks in advance and I wish you success in future.

    Bogdan Chrustek
    Armii Krajowej 81/55
    30 150 Krakow Poland

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  5. steven hyman

    I have a free Spirit number 18073335 with 224,412 miles that was without notice taken out of my account. I would appreciate your return of the miles that were taken and ask you to return them. If there is a process or penalty I would like to get the miles.


    Steve Hyman tel: 212-486-9407

  6. Vallabhanath

    We traveled to LAS and try to check in Spirit before leaving for airport. The website did not allow to complete check in until become a member, upon becoming member I continued to check in by paying carry on bags and seat selection. We paid over $130 and just before our leaving for airport, I received an e-mail without seat numbers. I called customer service who mentioned that the amount paid includes $59.95 membership fee, which was not mentioned in the site, at least I did not find it before becoming member. The agent mentioned that I could cancel the membership and connected to different agent. This particular agent refused to cancel which upset me and talked with raised voice. It is not my nature to do so. I sincerely apologize for my behavior.

  7. Diana Walsh

    Please help me cancel free spirit😩$9fare membership. I am not technically savvy. Please don’t charge me credit card🙏

  8. Karen Bennett

    I booked a trip 3/1. I never received an email with the confirmation number. I tried to find it to ensure it was booked, but they want this number to look up my trips. I’ve been calling to try to reach someone to try to obtain that number, but none of the prompts get even close to my question and none offer any way to reach an actual person. This is the worst customer service I have EVER encountered. How do I get this resolved?

  9. suzanne adams

    i flew las to mci yesterday flight 620, no bag, no help to find my bad, no number to call about my bag that actually reaches a person, website provides where you can “track” your bag, you have to have an incident id…which was not provided nor mentioned to me at the kansas city airport. The customer service upon arrival at kansas city around this incident was the worse experience i have had in customer service. again, no help from anyone and I still don’t have my bag, which has all of my best clothes and shoes, but most importantly …my medicines that i was advised I had to put in checked in luggage.

  10. Eileen D Eshelman

    I would like to cancel Spirit Al 48701249516610 MIRAMAR FL 69.95. I believe it is the spirit airlines club, I did not want it at this time. Please respond.

  11. Laurie Bendell

    I went to Colorado from Fl. The line was ridiculous. I didn’t have to check a bag so I went to the computer. They charged me $55 for a carry on and $100. if I wanted to check. That is a rip off. I made my flight by 15 minutes after waiting in the lines. I got there 2 hours early cause I wanted to eat dinner before leaving. I thought this kind of madness was because it was the Thursday before Memorial Day but I was wrong. I booked a flight for my son the week before I flew. He was going to a friend’s wedding in Arizona from Fl.I booked his flight by phone. I got my bill and there is a $60. agent fee! Then when my son got to FLL there was a line as long as I had experienced the week before. He had to check a bag (at $100. big rip off!) and between the extremely long check in line and security he missed his flight along with several other people. He gave himself an hour and half to get through the lines which should have been enough time! Your company is poorly run. Plus your hidden and ridiculous bag fees make you a horrible airline. And it is impossible to talk to a real human about the problems! I have flown all over the world and the only way you will ever get my business is if you are the only airline going where I need to go. Such a cool name, such a crummy company.

  12. Steven Seligman

    I am handicapped and tried to arrange for a wheelchair, After being on hold or listening to phone mazes and getting every number I could find on mytechtipstricks.com, AFTER 23 MMINUTES I REACHED A HUMAN.

  13. salome jimenez

    Dear Sirs,

    We have detected a fraud transactions at SPIRIT AIR ONLINE SALE MIRAMAR FL with one our credit card: our clients didn’t recognize the transactions. We need your help in order to cancel this transactions, please.

    The details are:

    Credit Card Number: 521329xxxxxx7649
    Date: 25/07/2016
    Time (GMT):
    Authorized code: 408062
    Amount: $ 762.27

    Best regards,

    Salomé Jiménez

    Fraud & Risk Prevention
    +593 (2) 298 1300 ext. 4288

    • Shanmugam

      We are suggesting you may need to inform immediately to your card provider, I mean Bank or Spirit Airlines customer care number.

      Which county you are?

  14. Enrique

    Thanks A Bunch for this site, can blissfully declare we currently have a steam shower of our very own and we like
    it so much

  15. Alexandra Bourgeois

    We have a flight from Houston to Olrando on October the 6th at about 1:00pm– there is a hurrican currently and may be right over Fl on October 6th – What are you going to do about this flight? Will you attempt to keep it on time, delay or cancel? We have important scheduled meetings

    Please let us know ASAp so that we can make appropriate plans

  16. Adam Bruce

    People please, allowing “REAL” customer service not only takes employees with an education, but money. In order too deal with the SCUM OF THE EARTH that travels with and works with spirit we can only afford employees that are unemployable elsewhere. This is how we keep prices down. If you feel that you are a human being and would like too deal with courteous employees, open your wallet and pay the price. THANK YOU FOR FLYING SPIRT.

  17. Olesia

    The worst experience I ever had with customer service. 1. they even do not have an option “representative”
    2. they made me listen about bags information and other information that I did not needed.
    3. made me enter dates for my flights which I also did not needed
    4. in order just to speak with representative I needed to do absurd steps which has nothing to do with my question!!!
    5. Connection also was very bad. I needed to hung up and do all those steps again

  18. Gene

    Spirit Airlines is the worst Airlines in the World to travel as they do not support you and will rip you off and you can not talk to a live person anywhere in this organization…oh and don’t lose a bag because you will never get it back……this Airline has turned into a bunch of crooks ,
    I hope there stocks drop like an anchor and I am sure they will because they are ripping people off huge…..STAY AWAY FRIM THIS AIRLINE UNLESS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR TROUBLE. USE A REPUTABLE AIRLINE?

  19. Alexandra

    The primary Customer Service/Reservations line for Spirit is 801-401-2222 NOT 2200. Additionally, the group number listed as 877-663-4841 is no longer in service. The only way to get a Group quote is by going to the website and filling out the Group Travel Form.



  21. Joyce Cox

    I too have had $69.95 charged to my credit card unauthorized. Someone needs to contact me about this or I will let everyone know how you guys do business. (918)424-6150.

  22. Regina Landrum

    I was a customers of yours for years until my phone suddenly stop operating When I ask to repair it your employee thought I was making a false statement very rude to me so I switch to a another company that is not how u treat customers an u r service sucks any way this sudden situation need to be dealt with now poor business skills Refuse to help me with this issue with my phone I was shock by the tone of the employee voice tremble my heart my phone should have been replace or something should have happen that day

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