How to Back/Switch New Adsense Layout to the Old AdSense Layout

Recently Google team changed new layout for Adsense after long period updated some key options also, some Adsense publishers don’t like new Adsense layout look, because most of them experienced with old Adsense layout. But new Google Adsense layout entirely options are changed  so users getting confuse and searching the options where it’s . So they like to use old Adsense layout and options. Google given options for users neither use new Adsense layout nor old Adsense. In Adsense account there notified to activate new Adsense layout somebody like me to check what are the new options available in new Adsense layout, if they don’t like they think how do I switch back to the old Adsense layout.

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Google Changed New Adsense layout:

Google changed new Adsense layout with multiple features and shows page views, Earnings, and some important options are given in home page. In Settings locates right top of the window it under Settings, Status and Payments.

google adsense layout


How do I switch back to the old AdSense layout?

In Google product forum “Jonas Honda” said I don’t like new Adsense layout and I like old Adsense layout and he asked question, how I can switch back old Adsense layout?

It is very easy to switch back new Adsense layout to old Adsense layout in below image clearly mentioned how to switch back to old Adsense layout.

new adsense layout

  1. Login your Adsense account
  2. Then scroll left down shows “Revert to previous home page” in black rectangle box.
  3. Click “Revert to previous home page” then enjoy your old Adsense layout.

How to Switch old Adsense Layout to new Adsense Layout:

  1. Login your Adsense account
  2. Then scroll down and see left side you can see “New Adsense home page” and give click I’ll give it a try.

google adsense layout

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  1. Krishna

    Hi, I can’t find that option to “Revert to previous homepage”. Can you please give me advice?

  2. Vikash Kumar

    hey dear thanks i will try
    thanks again

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