Tango Messenger free Download for PC(Windows 7/8, Mac), Android and iPhone

Tango is all in one messenger using this one you can able to make message, voice call and video call, Tango like as Skype, WhatsApp and Wechat. Tango has some additional features you are able to group chat, play games and sharing music and photo. Tango is a free messenger for Android, Mac, iPhone and PC(Windows 7/8).

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Tango messenger app is a fun and free messaging application for all gadgets Android smartphones, Mac pc, and Windows PC and Blackberry mobiles.

Tango messenger application download

About Tango Fun Messenger, Video and Calls:

Tango messenger is a free messaging app and it using you to very easily connecting with your friends and family members. And using Tango you can new friends also. Tango is multi feature messenger app using tango you able to send text messages, make high clarity video & voice calls, share any photos and images, playing games, send multimedia messages. The Tango Messenger App is absolutely free and easy to use and tango messenger download free.

Features of Tango Messenger:

Tango messenger features

Tango is a fun messenger and it’s have multiple features, Tango social messenger application having combine features and options of Skype and Whatsapp. Tango instant messenger app is better application for video chatting and voice calls with high quality audio and video transmission. Tango messenger application is a free online messaging services which allowing that you be connected with social world.

Using Tango video messaging you can send text messages and MMS messages and also make video and share videos and voice calls and special feature is can able to share captured photos and connect with new friends and last features is you can able to play games with connected peoples on Tango. Most of the people using Tango application all-around the world. Tango is Number one messaging app & new mobile social network messenger.

Download Tango Messenger for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Kindle:

Tango messenger download

Tango messenger is now available for all gadgets like Apple products iPhone and Mac, Tango Android application, Tango for Blackberry mobiles and kindle. If you like to free download tango messenger just visit Tango message official website there having options to download for all gadgets.

Free Download Tango Messenger for Windows PC:

Free Tango download for computer feature given on Tango official website itself given download option just click the link to download and install Tango messenger for windows PC and tango app for windows 8. Tango messenger you can install on windows phone and install Tango messenger on PC: Download Tango Messenger for Windows.

Get it our free App:

8 Comments to Tango Messenger free Download for PC(Windows 7/8, Mac), Android and iPhone

  1. nawaz

    hi . i installed tango but i can’t chat with my friend please help me ?

    • mara

      hey and i cant chat with my friends on pc just video call why helpp me

  2. abdul basit

    hey I installed tango on my PC but i can only make calls no messages please help me out

  3. Baqar gul

    Hi I installed Tango But I cant Send Text Message on tango plz help me

  4. mohsen

    i installed tango on my pc and i can’t send massage to my contact. i can have voce & vide call only not any other feature describe in your website , please help me.

  5. manpreet singh


    I installed tango. But i cant send text msg on tango.. Plz help me. tango is bad site for window phone ….!!

  6. iqbal hasan

    Can’t download in Microsoft lumai 535 plz help

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