Turn Off Shuffle and Repeat Playing Option on Music Player

When you are listening songs from Smartphone or computer sometimes it plays songs shuffle order because in your music player shuffle setting was enabled so your music playlist will be play shuffle order like 1, 10, 4, 13…… And sometimes single song continuously repeating in your computer or mobile phone music player this is option that you enabled in your gadgets.

It is very easy to turn off the repeating and shuffle option in your music player, sometimes it Turn On this option in your gadget music player. If you forget to Turn Off Shuffle this option now is time to Turn Off Shuffle and repeat option.

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How to Turn Off Shuffle Mode on Music Players in Computers:

In world 50% of the online users using Microsoft windows operating system on their gadgets. And other operating systems are using 50% it’s not a problem now we straightly go to how to turn off shuffle mode and repeating mode.

To Turn On or Turn Off shuffle option in media players is simple option to change settings just follow as per images.

1. Open your music player and if you like to Turn Off shuffle mode click 2 across symbol.

Disable Shuffle option on MusicPlayers

How to Turn Off Repeat Option on Music Players in Computers:

Just follow the below image you can easily find out how to stop repeating mode.

Disable repeat option on Music Players

How to Turn Off Shuffle Option on Music Players in Android:

Most of the mobile users likes android operating system in there mobiles because it has more features and very easy to use. In android Smartphone music players plays songs disorder or shuffle due to this Turn On this option some users don’t like this option, below I detailed how to Turn Off shuffle mode in your music player.

1. Open your music player

2. Go to now playing screen.


3. If you like to Turn On or Turn Off shuffle option just click double cross line.

How to Turn Off Repeat Option on Music Players in Android:

It is same as above method and just follow the image below.


How to Turn Off Shuffle Option on Music Players in iPhone and iPad:

iPhone music turn off shuffle is very easy same as iPad turn off shuffle mode and laptops there having music players sometimes users forget to Turn Off shuffle option and repeat option in their music player. Just follow below steps to turn off or turn on setting in your own music player.

1. Open your music player and select now playing.


2. There having double cross line that is shuffle setting button to click Turn On or Turn Off setting.

3. If your player is Turn On repeat option just click to Turn Off once.

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