Weight Watchers Customer Service and Contact Phone Numbers

Weight Watchers is an international weight loss and maintenance company and which was located in US. Weight Watchers offers many products and services like weight losing equipments and tips for their customers. And this company giving many tools like weight watchers point calculator and new weight watchers program was founded in the year of 1963 and headquarter was located in New York City, NY, United States of America.

In this article I listed essential Weight Watchers customer service phone number for weight watchers cancellations and weight watchers toll-free number weight watchers magazine customer service number. If you are the customer  if you would like to know information about Weight Watchers products and services.

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Weight Watchers


Weight Watchers Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-651-6000

Above mentioned phone number is customer support phone number, if you are the customer of and you like to know information about online Weight Watchers product and services use this number. Using this number you can make a call to this number to know information about Weight Watchers Technical Support, Billing, . This number is working hours are Monday through Friday 7Am to 9 Pm central standard time.

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Whenever you make call to this number at very first the automated system will responses you as, thank you for calling customer support number one rated weight loss plan by US News & World Report.

  • If you are looking information for joining Weight Watchers please press 1.
  • If you need to know information for meeting locations please press 2.
  • If you would like to check on meeting cancellations please press 3.
  • Or if you are the current member and have other questions please press 4.
  • And now you call would be transferred to customer care department and very shortly anyone of the Weight Watchers agent will help you.

Source: welcome.weightwatchers.com

Weight Watchers Chat: Click here

Weight Watchers International World Wide Customer Service Phone Number:

  • For Australia: 13 19 97
  • For Bahamas: 1-242-394-0148
  • For Belgium: 070/222 876
  • For Brazil: 08007266171
  • For Canada: 1-800-651-6000
  • For Spain: 902 585 529
  • For Ireland: 1850 234 123
  • For Israel: 09-8902000
  • For Netherlands: 0900-2026060
  • For New Zealand: 0800 009 009
  • For Austria: 43 1 532 5353
  • For Switzerland: 0848 188 188
  • For South Africa: 0861 113 225
  • For Sweden: 556165-9565
  • For UK: 0345 345 1500
  • For US: 800-651-6000

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4 Comments to Weight Watchers Customer Service and Contact Phone Numbers

  1. Judowne Kerrins/Potter

    I’ve been a member of weight watchers off and on since the 60’s.I now use the magazine and
    rarely if ever have read any articles featuring those of us over 70 with weight problems.
    I am 77, 5’2″, and 190 lbs. it’s very hard at my age to lose. Low matabolism and limited
    exercise. I’d also like to see some more ‘down to earth’ recipes. For instance, I use onions instead
    of Shallots(expensive) and other flavors instead of those I don’t know what they are or can’t find them.
    I do enjoy reading about sucesses in your magazine.

  2. Bracha Kaplan

    Worst customer service. Called 4 times yesterday and once today. Can not get anyone in the USA. Their customer service is in the Phillipines and I only get canned responses.

  3. Brandy

    Disappointed. Was motivated to call, and when I did, I got someone with the regular, robotic, impersonal and rehearsed responoses that are just like you’d get when you call a foreign call center. Needless to say, I lied and said I’d call back later.

  4. Shirley Gunnin

    I have been attending a meeting on Tuesdays for 4 & 1/2 years. Lost 40 pounds and have kept it off. Love Weight Watchers!! Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the cinna-licious swirl snacks. I tell everyone at the meetings that they should try these.
    Thanks again

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