Western Union Customer Service and Support Phone Numbers

Western Union was founded in the year of 1851 by Jeptha Wade, Ezra Cornell, Samuel Morse, Hiram Sibley in Englewood, CO, United States of America. Western Union provides many services to their customers to send money person to person, money transfer, wire transfer, money orders, business payments and commmercial services. Western Union is one of the American financial services and communication company and its head quarter was located in Meridian, Colorado, North America.

Western Union is one of the international famous financial service and money Transfer Company and which operates all over the world. Using Western Union we can send and receive money from anywhere in the world. Western Union provides many services to their customers like good customer support via customer care phone number and email support for fraud-related concerns and online transactions inquiries or all other customer inquiries or concerns.

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In this article I listed essential Western Union customer service phone number and contact phone number and toll-free numbers for Western Union. Western Union operating in many countries so I listed Western Union international customer service phone numbers. If you are the customer of Western Union and you like to know information about Western Union products and services just use following numbers.

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Western Union US Customer Service, Find an Agent Phone Number: 1-800-325-6000

Above mentioned number is Western Union customer care phone number for US using this number you can able to speak with Western Union customer service agent. If you are the customer of Western Union and if you would like to know more information about Western Union and looking assist for any query or questions just make a call to this number,

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  • And then your call would be transferred to customer care department and system will says, please hold for assistance, for quality services this call may be recorded or monitored.
  • Here I said Send money
  • If you are looking information for other assistance we can provide if consumer fraud prevention, money order or telegrams, you can also say operator or main menu.
  • Here I said More options.
  • And then you will get alright your other options are Gold or prepaid card, looking for money or issue with a previous transaction. You can also say more options or operator.
  • Here I said More options.
  • And then system will says Okay tell me which one you are calling about: Send money, check fees and exchange rates or find an agent location, if none of these apply say more options.
  • Here I said Main menu
  • Whenever you make a call to this number at very first the automated system will responses you as, Welcome to Western Union. Here is the first option to begin, are you calling to check status of money sent or to make a change to a money transfer? Please say Yes, No or Main menu.
  • Quick Collect Customer Care Phone Number: 1-800-238-5772
  • Gold Card Phone Support Provider Phone Number: 1-888-628-8862
  • PrePaid Support Phone Number: 1-877-256-6918

Western Union International Customer Service Phone Numbers:

  • For Afghanistan: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Albania: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Algeria: +1-720-332-1000
  • For American Samoa: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Angola: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Anguilla: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Antigua and Barbuda: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Argentina: 0800-800-3030
  • For Aruba: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Australia: 1800 173 833
  • For Austria: 0800 29 6544
  • For Azerbaijan: 1-800-325-6000
  • For Bahamas: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Bahrain: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Bangladesh: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Barbados: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Belarus: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Belgium: 0800 99 269
  • For Belize: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Benin: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Bermuda: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Bhutan: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Bolivia: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Bosnia & Herzegovina: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Botswana: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Brazil: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Bulgaria: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Cambodia: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Cameroon: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Canada: 1-800-235-0000 & 1-800-448-1492
  • For Cape Verde: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Chad: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Chile: +1-720-332-1000
  • For China: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Colombia: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Comoros: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Congo: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Cook islands: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Costa Rica: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Croatia: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Cuba: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Dominica: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Dominican Republic: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Ecuador: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Egypt: 1-800-325-6000
  • For El Salvador: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Eritrea: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Ethiopia: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Fiji: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Finland: 0800 523 104
  • For France: 0800 900 191
  • For Gabon: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Gambia: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Georgia: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Germany: 0800 181 1797
  • For Ghana: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Greece: 00800 3315 3135
  • For Guam: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Guatemala: 1-800-325-6000
  • For Guinea: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Guyana: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Haiti: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Honduras: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Hong Kong: 2117 9088
  • For Hungary: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Iceland: +1-720-332-1000
  • For India: 1-800-325-6000
  • For Indonesia: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Iraq: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Ireland: 1 800 395 395
  • For Israel: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Italy: 800 789 124
  • For Ivory Cost: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Jamaica: 1-800-325-6000
  • For Japan: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Jordan: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Kazakhstan: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Kenya: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Kuwait: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Laos: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Latvia: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Lebanon: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Liberia: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Libya: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Lithuania: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Macau: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Macedonia: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Malawi: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Maldives: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Mauritius: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Mongolia: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Morocco: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Nepal: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Nederland: +0800 022 8781
  • For New Zealand: 0800 005 253
  • For Nigeria: 1-800-325-6000
  • For Norway: 800 181 23
  • For Oman: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Pakistan: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Panama: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Peru: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Portugal: 00800 264 38750
  • For Qatar: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Romania: 0800 807 807
  • For Russia: 8 800 200 22 32
  • For Saint Lucia: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Saudi Arabia: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Senegal: 1-800-325-6000
  • For Singapore: 6336 2000
  • For South Africa: 1-800-325-6000
  • For Spain: 900 633 633
  • For Sri Lanka: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Sudan: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Sweden: 020 202 084
  • For Switzerland: 0800 562103
  • For Syria: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Taiwan: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Thailand: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Turkey: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Uganda: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Ukraine: 0-800-500-5000 or 0-800-500-0250
  • For United Arab Emirates: 8004851
  • For United Kingdom: 0800 833 833 or 0808 234 9168
  • For 1-800-325-6000 or 1-800-877-8973
  • For Uruguay: +1-720-332-1000
  • For US Virgin Islands: +1-720-332-1000
  • For Zambia: +1-720-332-1000

Source:  https://www.wu.com/ZM/en/contact-information.html

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14 Comments to Western Union Customer Service and Support Phone Numbers

  1. peterwilloughby

    i have missed middle name from money transfer i made how can i add the middle name because she cant withdraw money

  2. Juan

    Toll free customer service number if am calling from mexico?

  3. Satish nambaru

    I have sent an amount 6322 sar to United Kingdom Coventry City till now it was not reached when my family member went for pick the money they are telling transaction suspended.

    When I contacted service agent enjaz bank (al bilad) in khobahr call toll free number 8008971441 iam trying to call check your number dailed.

    I am so much disspooned through westren union service

    The bank people are not cooperative even they don’t bother about the customer why?

    This is the westren union people will treat the customer.

    Help me to reach the transaction to UK



    • Shanmugam

      Yes you want to check above number or dial this number 18008971441.

  4. evans cheruiyot bett

    I have been coned 70 euros by somebody who claims to be in macedonia.berovo city.wanted to buy a betting ticket for 09-01-2016.after paying they asked me to give them mtcn please help me get my money back. I am in kenya wanted to pay my fee.i did payed to
    City; berovo
    Country; macedonia
    First name: Hristijan
    Last name: Stoleski
    MTCN :1047978172

  5. maxwel

    hey plse when are ure services in kenya ksm will b available…..the system is not wprking since last work …please helpppp….

  6. Jackline Waweru

    Hey the Banks here in Kenya cannot access your link.All of them seem to be having a problem with that.Will you please help rectify that. We have money sent and its really important.

  7. Muhammad farooq khan

    i need to talk responsible person for western union in Pakistan

  8. Mona Ibrahim

    Every time I send money from Yemen to Canada I face a lot of problems with Western union, they keep telling me the customer is not allowed to take the money and I lost a lot of efforts and time to register for my study program. Plz somebody find me solution it has been many weeks with this chaos.
    My cellphone is : +962791590711 . Amman, Jordan.

  9. Amri Hazman

    Dear Sirs,
    I got several emails told me that I got mony transfer form overseas using WU Speedpay. They only inform of account number instead of MTCN, how can I claim the money? Please tell me what should I do?

  10. Laina Hekandjo

    Good day
    I.m laina from namibia currently in india
    I suppose to receive money yesterday from mazambique , maputo Africa but when I went to west union to pick up the money they say the money went back where cames from because I can’t receive or send money . Same situation happens today suppose to receive money today from Namibia but is the same story .
    I would like to know what is the problem and can you please solve it .
    Please call or email me
    Email :joelaina79@yahoo.com
    Name : Laina Hekandjo
    Can you provide me with customers centre emails and phone number to contact them.

  11. shaikh zahid hussain

    Dear western union mangement

    May i get western union remitance statement which i had been sent
    from bahrain. i also have a gold card which no is 323 579 108 this is gold card western union number
    from jan.2009 till dec. 2012


  12. Samantha thomas

    I don’t get it why western Union think they need to block me from picking up money that’s just crazy am not a scammer so why the hell they think that they should block if you people are have problems with other people have the say name as others please use ID numbers because it is so damn unfair for other people to be blocked because of others stupidity.am asking to fix this problem please an thanks.

  13. Katherinabrown

    I was just told I reach the limit for the month which I can’t understand because I only had two translations this month for less than a hundred dollars so y am I block for picking up $40

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