What is the Difference Between Android Stock Rom and Custom Rom on Android Mobile

ROM means Read Only Memory, Stack ROM means it’s default there have only one Rom if you like to add new ROM i.e) customize ROM, get here how to install new ROM in your Android mobile. Customized ROM will be the Android version but they would be not legally available but given option anyone can custom made by other developers. They both versions of Android stock ROM and custom ROM benefits and drawbacks.

Here I going to share with you what are the difference stock ROM and Customized ROM.

Features of Customized ROM:

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Customized ROMs offers some cool features however, not in stock Android ROM and some amazing customizing choices you cannot get here.In custom ROM make it possible for these tricks: Having a newest android customized ROM often can do a lot more consistent updates it controls and fixes harmful bugs and can add new options due to the fact the developers customized entirely.

android customize rom applications

In Customized ROMs easy to ROOT and it have many benefits compare to stock ROM, you can access files from SD memory card like can install applications to SD memory card  and users can easily enable root gain access to by toggling a system setting. You can customize any option without feel hard like you are able to hide navigation menu or navibar from your android screen. Install any skins and customize what was your taste, it permits users easy to customize. Root Access Easily : The Root accessing features is really worth because sometimes in stock ROM didn’t allow to access ROOT.

Drawbacks of Custom ROMs:

When you are customizing some  options sometimes it goes wrong so you need to take backup when you are customize. And there is no warranty and guarantee for your productivity and options. Sometimes mobile battery life would be reduced.

Features of Stock ROM:

android stock rom applications

Stock ROM is you can’t extend ROMs memory that is constant. Due to this one it filters some bugs occurring from your mobile. Some of them not like to customize that is good because in stock ROM have Guarantee and warranty so if any problems occurred you can exchange that product.

You can use some premium application which was inbuilt legally given to you. And another one main features is high security it prevents your gadget from any malware, virus and some bugs. All updates it will remind you those applications are ready for updates you can see more here Enable or Disable Auto Update Apps on your Android Mobile.

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