What is the Special Features of New Microsoft Windows 9 OS?

Windows addicted users are waiting for Windows 9 to use on their pc or laptop, In online peoples are rumoring when windows 9 are going to release, how much cost of windows 9, where can I get or buy windows 9 and is windows 9 os free or cost? these are the most popular searches about windows 9.

Many website are posting about windows 9 [christiantoday.com, softpedia.com and etc..] But still now Microsoft legally not released any news about windows 9 release and features.

I am expecting Some special concept of new Windows 9 apart from Windows 7 & 8

Special Features of Windows 9 compare to Older Windows 7 & 8 

1) New Concept Windows 9 Installation feature are basically two different types

  • Windows 9 for Home Users
  • Windows 9 for Business and Work

Windows 9 installation

2) Installing and select Default Applications, Windows store icon changed,Any one can choice would be between default application for customized application

Windows 9 default apps

3) Attractive look for Windows 9 (Threshold) to include new Taskbar

4) More Familiar Look And Start Menu easy navigation to all users

5) In Windows 9 Changed the name Start Screen into Start Menu

Top YouTube Videos about Windows Concept and Features

1) Check Out This Windows 9 Design Concept

2) Windows 9 Concept (New Version)

3) Windows 9 Concept

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